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vr1974v1.jpg - 28.1 K

Robinson Detector image taken in 1974

vr1974v2.jpg - 46.1 K

Another Robinson Detector image taken in 1974

ph1996.jpg - 31.2 K

ESEM, SE detector 1996

Note that the magnification is about the same in all three images. You will probably notice that there is no edge effect on the Robinson Detector image. Also the Robinson Detector image has a better resolution.

Robinson images source: VNE Robinson, A wet stage modificatin to a scanning electron microscope, in Electron Microsopy 1974, Proc. 8th Int Cong. Ed JV Sanders and DJ Goodchild, Aust. Acad. Sci., Canberra, Vol II, 50 - 51

ESEM image source: 1996 ESEM brouchure

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